Manufacturing Innovation Center at Rensselaer

Ken Myer

Ken Myer
Laboratory Supervisor
Contact Information: 

Phone: 518-276-2209
Fax: 518-276-4897

Focus Area: 
Photovoltaics, Solar and other renewable energies
Thermal exchange
CNC programming and machining
Helping students with the manufacturing processes that bring their ideas and experiments to life

Ken Myer Jr. is a Laboratory Supervisor responsible for much of the prototyping and fabrication that takes place in MIC to support industry-focused applied R&D projects.  He routinely mentors students working on MIC's projects and meets with companies that can benefit from his deep experience in advanced manufacturing processes and machining methods.  Prior to joining MIC, Ken worked as a machinist for a number of advanced technology companies making precision tooling, jigs, fixtures, parts, and assemblies for a broad array of high performance applications.  He is expert on numerous pieces of CNC as well as conventional equipment and is experienced with a CAD/CAM software including Solidworks and MasterCAM.  Ken also keeps the center’s 3D printers running and has been pivotal in constructing a metal additive manufacturing laser research platform.

Background and Skills:

  • 30 plus years manufacturing experience in five diverse tool rooms
  • Precision measuring instruments from concept drawings 

  • Automation of tedious jobs done by hand

  • Research in moving air for cooling electronics
  • Programming and operation of CNC machine tools
  • All manor of manufacturing, automation and tool