Manufacturing Innovation Center at Rensselaer

ISE/CATS Seminar "From Real-Time to the Web: The Technologies of Industrial Robots"

The Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) Department and the Center for Automation Technologies and Systems (CATS) are pleased to present a seminar by Dr. Steve Murphy, Corporate Executive Engineer, ABB, Sweden, entitled: "From Real-Time to the Web: The Technologies of Industrial Robots," to be held in CII 5003 on Thursday, February 13 at 3:30pm. Everyone is welcome!!

In recent years robotics is undergoing some major transformations. From safe robots to Google robots the traditional industry is looking different. This talk will cover the inside world of industrial robots from the ABB Robotics pespective. Starting from the goals of the industrial customers it will cover what challenges and technologies are involved in building and selling high-volume industrial machines and what this new stuff might mean. After a brief introduction to ABB and some shameless product placement, the talk will move to the whiteboard where we can discuss technologies and trends in robotics today without writing a single equation.

Come with your questions and ideas and we will see where this talk will go!

Steve Murphy earned a Ph.D. in Computer and Systems Engineering from RPI in 1992. After working as a Research Assistant Professor at RPI he joined Fanuc Robotics in 1993 and then joined ABB Robotics in 1994.  At ABB, he is currently a Corporate Executive Engineer, the highest technical staff position in ABB. In ABB Robotics he has held many positions: from responsibility for motion control, to architecting simulation and engineering products, and building web facing services. He is also a Global Architect working with research goals and development teams and projects around the world and really tries to be patient with software development teams and product managers.