Manufacturing Innovation Center at Rensselaer

Smart Optics Laboratory

The MIC Smart Optics Laboratory is an advanced, multidisciplinary optics laboratory that facilitates research into the design, characterization and application of optomechatronic systems and components.  Activities include the design of a novel adaptive scanning optical microscope, an ultrafast and accurate optical delay line and high speed laser processing.  The SOL also conducts internal multidsiciplinary research in active and adaptive light control, advanced optical systems and devices, and multidisplinary optimization and design.

Laboratory equipment includes:

  • Boston Micromachines deformable mirror
  • Optics in Motion Fast Steering Mirror
  • Spectra-Physics 800 nm 1W lasers
  • 4'x6' optical breadboard in a class 10,000 clean bay
  • Vibration-isolated optical breadboard, high speed acousto-optic switches
  • Zemax-EE optical system design software
  • Nikon MM-40 measuring microscope equipped with a Sony EXWave HAD color camera
  • UP-2100 color printer
  • Quadrachek 2000 measurement display system and a wide variety of static lenses, mirrors, polarizers and other optical components
Adaptive Scanning Optical Microscope developed at MIC
Zygo NewView 7200 Profiler